Non profit umbrella organisation for all aspects of Arts, Heritage and Culture




Membership and Partnership

The strength of our organisation will be through our membership and our Partnership arrangements with other organisations involved in the sectors covered by our remit.


Membership will provide an exclusive platform for:-

Networking between arts organisations, businesses, members of the cultural sector, government and others through briefings, forums, symposiums and other networking events
An opportunity to integrate the Cultural and Heritage Sectors into the fabric of business.
Lobbying on critical issues affecting the sector
Promoting the business and artistic activities of members
Contributing to government and EU policy
• Availing of effective education at all levels
Harnessing greater productivity in organisations through cultural innovation
Advocating a more creative approach to allow members to sustain and grow


The levels of membership which we have are as follows:

Artistic/cultural members – €120. This will give members in the cultural sector access to our organisation to allow them to commercialise their ideas, network with potential supporters and customers and drive their ideas forward in a business like manner

SME Members – €300. There are many benefits to the SME sector in embracing the cultural sector. It provides a new line of customers that you may never have considered before and allows your business to be at the centre of a new movement that will drive economic renewal. This membership is suitable for businesses with up to 10 employees.

Artistic Patron – €2000 What better way to support the cultural sector than to become a patron of our new organisation. Patrons will be named at all of our events and literature and will have full access to the resources which our organisation can offer.

Corporate Member €3000 – Corporate membership of our organisation allows for heads of all functions of a corporate to participate in the work of the Chamber and be recognised as being part of this unparalleled opportunity to commercialise creativity. This is suitable for corporates or businesses with greater than 10 employees.

Corporate Pioneer – We will offer the opportunity to a limited number of corporate pioneers to become the key corporate supporters of the Chamber, the Corporate Pioneers will be listed at all our events and literature and we will work closely with them on the development of our Chamber. Please contact the Chamber to discuss this opportunity.

Corporate Patron – We will offer one company the opportunity to become our corporate patron on a rolling twelve month basis and this company will get full recognition as the key patron and supporter of the Chamber and will have full access to our Chamber to suggest events in line with the philosophy of that organisation. Please contact the Chamber to discuss this opportunity.

Partners – We would also like to work in Partnership with organisations that are involved in the sectors covered within the remit of the Chamber of Arts, Heritage and Culture. Such organisations include government departments, semi-State bodies, arts organisations, organisations involved in tourism and heritage, business associations and Chambers of Commerce. Please contact the Chamber for further details and to explore ways that we can work together.