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Chamber Of Arts, Heritage and Culture Inaugural Forum

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Chamber Of Arts, Heritage and Culture Inaugural Forum

The Chamber of Arts, Heritage and Culture (Ireland) is holding its inaugural forum on 17 January 2014 in Dublin Castle on the topic of “Harnessing the Cultural Sector as an Economic Resource – An Unparalleled Opportunity and Project of its Time”.

The keynote speaker is the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Mr Eamon Gilmore TD with confirmed speakers including Tim O’Connor of the Gathering, Primrose Wilson OBE of Heritage Ireland, Kathleen Garrett of Arthur Cox and Dr Aoibheann Gibbons of UCD, Stuart McLaughlin CEO Business2Arts as well as Audrey McKenna CEO of the Chamber and Neil Keenan Chair of the Chamber, with the Forum being moderated by David McWilliams.
The invite list and confirmed attendees includes senior members of government, Ambassadors to Ireland, senior figures from many national and international bodies, and individual figures known for their important contributions to the cultural, intellectual and business life of Ireland.

The Forum will engage during the morning of 17 January with a focused discussion on how we can effectively renew the Economy utilising the key economic driver and resource that is the Cultural Sector. The forum will also consider new ways of harnessing the asset that is Arts, Heritage and Culture, with a view to creating and maintaining sustainable jobs and ways in which the Chamber can develop to facilitate this.

Audrey McKenna CEO of the Chamber commented as follows:-
“In my experience as a practitioner of the Arts I believe that there is no contradiction between being an artist and a business person. As a council member of the DLR Chamber of Commerce I saw how effective the Chamber is in the way it supports mainstream business, but that something parallel was needed to meet the very particular set of needs of practitioners operating in the Arts. It was from this observation that the initiative and model of the Chamber of Arts, Heritage & Culture was born – effectively the application of the Chamber of Commerce model to the Arts sector.”

Neil Keenan, Chair of the Chamber commented as follows:-
“Now is the time to harness the huge natural resource that we have in our cultural sector in a ways that have been effective for other sectors. In a time where we have regained our economic sovereignty and business confidence has improved, this sector can be a key economic driver for the country going forward. Our Forum is a unique opportunity for all interested stakeholders to agree how our Chamber can be utilised to achieve this objective.”

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