Non profit umbrella organisation for all aspects of Arts, Heritage and Culture

Our Remit



We aim to have a wide and growing remit which will include the following:-

(a) Organising Seminars, Exhibitions and Symposiums on themes related to the objectives of our organisation.
(b)Developing International Links including looking to International Philanthropy for the benefit of these sectors.
(c) Using Arts, Heritage & Culture to drive additional Tourism into Ireland.
(d) Working in partnership with government to develop these sectors and in particular to use the heritage and cultural tradition in local areas to get more visitors into those areas.
(e) Working with local business organisations to develop cultural quarters.
(f) Proactively promoting the importance of investment in the cultural sector to the Irish economy through our access to Irish and European public policy networks, opinion leaders and leading media commentators;
(g) Being the voice to create awareness of the key issues impacting on the business performance of our members.